Country Camino

 1.  Boundary Rider

 2.  Crowded City Blues

 3.  Dad and Days Gone

 4.  Longing for Baby

 5.  On The Road to Santiago
 6.  The Loner James Dean

 7.  The Swagman

 8.  Wounded Love Heart

 9.  O' Gorman's By The Fire

10.  Phil Ochs Folk Singer

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Santiago Traveller

 1.  Walking the Camino                   6.  Listening

 2.  Lead Kindly Light                     7.  Our Lady of Fatima

 3.  Magdalene                                 8.  Oh My God

 4.  Fractured Heart                          9.  Santiago Traveller

 5.  Love                                           10.  Santiago

-BUY album for just A$20 including postage.

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Video Clip - The Loner James Dean                  Video Clip - Walking The Camino




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