INSTANT KARMA & GRACE: The Mantra of a Calm Man

by Doug McPhillips



by Doug McPhillips

This book is about faith in God according to the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The writer uses the Apostles Creed as a template to explain the Church’s views and his own regarding living the Commandments of God, the Sacraments and his own views based on doctrines of faith and morals and his own adult life experiences pre and post-Vatican 11 ( 1962-64).

This is “the Credo” from the viewpoint of one man’s indoctrination to the Catholic faith throughout his childhood to his loss of faith in adult life, and a rekindling of belief through the symbols and signs and wisdom of age in an acknowledgement of a Higher Power. The belief in “The Credo” comes in the form of a search for the divine revelation of God, personal communion with Him and a response of faith into spiritual action.

The writer dissects the Creed prayer of the faith to explain the doctrine for understanding the Catechism application in everyday Christian belief. It is a layman’s organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doctrine regarding faith and morals to serve as an instrument to understand the belief and teaching for those interested in Godly purpose, for believers and non-believers seeking guidance and spiritual direction.