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To whom it may concernTo whom it may concern

Tenets of the famous and infamous
The writer selects snippets of the philosophies of some famous and infamous people throughout history, writing a brief story about their lives, what they stood for and how they expressed their belief in a mission for the betterment or detriment of humanity.

He captures here the crux of their goal or aspirations from their creative works, philosophic utterances and mission statements to give the reader insight into a manual of guidance to improve our way of life in the service of our fellowman for the greater good.

Masters of Introspection

Introspection is the examination of one’s conscious thoughts and feelings. In psychology, the process of introspection relies on observing one’s mental state, while in a spiritual context, it may refer to examining one’s soul. 

This little work explores the personal; introspection of the writer in all aspects of living life in accord with certain principles. In doing so he uses the personal; trials and tribulations of biblical and historical figures to provide the reader with certain proof and ideas in the utilization of the benefits of introspection for their betterment and those of their fellow man in their daily living.

The Songs not the Singer

It was on a mountain top on the Camino de Santiago that I heard a young German rock musician singing a ballad of his own making that sparked my interest in writing songs. The subject of the lyrics of his song was discussed, and I casually said I had written a ballad, too. He listened to my lyrics and asked if he could record it on his next album. So began my songwriting and to date I have recorded three albums professionally and sold them online and privately on my song page. This book is a detailed account of the meaning behind my creations and the lyrics and melodies.
An enhanced version of the book will be available as an audio, too.

Master of the artsMaster of the Arts

This is a blended genre story of the facts and fictitious events surrounding the life of Marco Polo. Marco spent 17 years in the court of Kublai Khan, gaining favour with the Khan and eventually becoming one of his trusted diplomats. After Marco returned to Venice employed in the family merchant business, he got involved in the city’s war with Genoa and was imprisoned with trusted friend and confidant  Rustichello da Pisa. It was during their imprisonment Marco told his story to Rustichello of his service to The Khan of Khans in Asia and his many adventures beyond the confines of the known world. Rustichello journaled a manuscript entitled “The Travels of Marco Polo.” Whilst this story was read far and wide throughout Europe at the time it was nonetheless eclipsed by the stories and talents of the author’s life himself, for Da Pisa’s adventures gained him much notoriety in later life as ” A Master of The Arts.”

This story is a tale of tragedy, loss of material; wealth, courage and determination to succeed in the face of great odds, of adventure, change in direction and philosophy of life which carried Rustichello into many fields of endeavour as it had done for his friend Marco Polo. It is fitting that this tale be told of a man of many talents and how he utilised his God-given gifts ultimately in the service of others. If the facts and fiction of the tale had not been told it would be just a whiff of smoke in the scheme of things and a loss of pity beyond the imagining.

The reincarnation of the assassin

This Book details the influence of Lucifer and his angels of death on the defects of the character of assassins throughout history. Assassinations have had a profound effect on the course of history, and this book reveals the capacity of killers of politicians, civil rights leaders and other movers and shakers of world affairs to cause chaos and wars; the author delves into the lives of great men, the services they provide to humanity and the dysfunctional behaviour of those against them who ultimately plot and murder for their cause or misguided belief. Each chapter has essays that include a gripping account of the assassination, its political context and consequences, and a biographical profile of both the victim and the killer. It covers the method and motivations behind each killing, from multiple stabbings to close-range shootings, to suicide bombings, aerial attacks with poisons, from catastrophic overthrows to religious fanatics to propaganda that encourages assassins to do the deed. This book offers dramatic and perceptive views on the history of assassinations from the first recorded biblical account to the latest in this 21st century.

A Writer on The Rocks

This book is a collection of stories from the author’s memory of former ‘devil-may-care’ days of his wild and wayward youth before he gave up the booze.

He recounts the many characters he met during his drinking days and the trouble they and he caused in their efforts to enjoy life to the fullest.

The plot is centred in and around the bars of the central business district of Sydney known as The Rocks. The writer describes his early drinking career as a prelude to entering the haunts centred around The Rocks during the 1960s. It is written focusing on the humorous side of his escapades whilst mainly under the weather from the effect of alcohol.

There is a note of warning, however, for the not-so-faint-hearted to steer clear of having too much of a good thing at the expense of health, wealth and happiness. The writer could quickly tell of the tragic side of the ultimate outcomes of excessive drinking, but this novel focuses on the funny side of it all before the wake-up call to live a sober life dawned upon a tarried mind. Now read on…

the OneThe One

Spiritual truth in myth, legends, folklore.

This little story that follows unlocks the meaning, mystery and relevance of myth, sacrifice and suffering. It is an introduction to guiding oneself into the ultimate purpose of living in this world but not of it. It led this author to the life on earth of one man who understood all of the legends and myths before and after his allotted time while he walked this earthly plain, and it uncovers his message of salvation as it applies to today. It is a little guidebook to enlightenment about the chosen spirit. I call it ” The spiritual truth of The One.” Now read on.

King O’ Malley”

King O’Malley – Legends and mystery surrounds his name and is unravelled in this account of his life. Was he born in  Canada or America; and did he found the Waterlily Rockbound Church in frontier America, then live in a cave in Queensland for two years, being nursed back to health by an Aboriginal?

He was a born raconteur, whose political career, super insurance salesmanship, land dealings, and gold speculation were matched only by his Irish charm. His ‘spread eagle’ rhetoric carried him first into State  politics then into the Federal parliament where he became  Minister for Home Affairs, was instrumental  in founding the Commonwealth Bank, overseeing the completion of the transcontinental railway, and establishing Canberra as The Federal capital,

Aided by his non-conventional style, he continued to be characterised by wild proposals,  strong reformist policies and fervent business know-how. A foreigner who was fanatically Australian, a socialist with capitalists’ personal values, He outlived his political colleagues, enemies, and press critics to become Australia’s most colourful politician.

Reflection of an Old ManReflections of an Old Man

This is the story of one man’s transition from fumbling in the darkness of his base nature to embracing the spiritual waters of life in a new found freedom.

Now in his dotage, random thoughts come from time to time in reflection. It is these that he ponders and writes for the benefit of you the reader and his further well-being.

So it is that he goes back to the very beginning. Now read on.

The Credo

This book is about faith in God according to the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The writer uses the Apostles Creed as a template to explain the Church’s views and his own regarding living the Commandments of God, the Sacraments and his own views based on doctrines of faith and moral and his own adult life experiences pre and post Vatican 11 ( 1962-64).

This is “the Credo” from the viewpoint of one man’s in-doctrination to the Catholic faith throughout his childhood, to his loss of faith in adult life, and a rekindling of belief through the symbols and signs and wisdom of age in an acknowledgement of a Higher Power. The belief in “The Credo” comes in the form of a search for the divine revela-tion of God, a personal communion with Him and a re-sponse of faith into spiritual action.

The writer dissects the Creed prayer of the faith to explain the doctrine for understanding the Catechism application in everyday Christian belief. It is a layman’s organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doc-trine regarding faith and morals to serve as an instrument to understands the belief and teaching for those interested in Godly purpose, for believers and non-believers seeking guidance and spiritual direction.

INSTANT KARMA & GRACE: The Mantra of a Calm Man

This little story is an account of one man’s application to living principles of karma and grace according to his own interpretation. It comes from living experience of decades of good, bad, and indifferent attitudes to circumstances that surrounded his lie, the lesson learn in the getting of wisdom in the matter of living life in accord to certain principles. In the principles of karma, yoga and grace, and the examples of great avatars a methodology for living emerges that nurtures his physical, medial and spiritual well-being to living in serenity irrespective of circumstance.

The Lifestyle and Adventure of Ace McDice, Stretch Deed and Moonshine Melody

A fictitious tale of three devil-may-care wild men of the Australian Bush during the last days of the era of Bushrangers and the Gold rush at the end of the 19th Century. It tells of each character’s lifestyle and united bent as wild men of Australia’s west who set upon a plan to rob the Sugar and Tea Express. How the plan manifested and what drove them to an apparent reckless course in gaining the never to be found out robbery reward is a colourful story herein. The story tells of the life they all led before and after the robbery, but in life gaining wealth by devious means always seems to ultimately bring later regrets. Well at least for some… read on.

The Wicklow Way And Other Irishman’s Tales

The Wicklow Way and other Irishman’s tales was an afterthought. For it came to him at the finish of his Camino on the final kilometre to what is known historically as “ the end of the Earth.” High on the hill a faded mural on an old ruin stands. It is that of a Spaniard dressed in traditional garb standing proudly playing the Irish Uillean pipes. it was enough to raise the Irish blood and curiosity of the Pilgrim.

And so it came to pass that he made his way to Ireland and to a new adventure in the land of his ancestors. 


by Doug McPhillips

James K. Baxter was a major English language poet and playwright of the 20th century. He is arguably New Zealand’s foremost creative poet, writer and playwright. It did not take me long to delve into the man’s poetic genius and complexities of the character that he once was. Baxter the man of many talents who had been a gloomy youth of dysfunctional behaviour, a sex maniac, academic drop out, odd jobs man, teacher of young children, family man, once divorced, an uncontrollable alcoholic who ultimately became a most gifted counsellor of alcoholics, drug addicts and the founder and pioneer of a community for lost souls of the street and seekers of a new wave of communal life that lingers to this very day. Baxter was a searcher of self perception, an extreme pacifist with an eye towards truth and personal distinction, religiosity, and death. My own life seemed to parallel his in so many ways. So it was after a great deal of soul searching of his life that I concluded to use his life experience to draw from it a template to write my own life’s experience in his shadow. James K. Baxter died in 1972. He was only forth six years old. When he died the whole country mourned. And whilst his gift lives on in the books he wrote and memory of the man’s spiritual essence still lingers over the Maori community at Jerusalem, his bones have long since turned to ashes. It is hoped that this little story gives you the reader insight of an eternal life as it did for James K Baxter. As for me in my dotage, it further enhances my reason for being, as I tramp in the valley of the shadow of death always in search of the light.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-63649-005-2  /  eBook ISBN 978-1-63072-3881.


by Doug McPhillips

Masters At My Table is based on the author’s research of the Laws of the Universe and the distilled wisdom of science, theology, physiotherapy, physiology, mysticism, magic and biblical text granted from the sages of old.

It demonstrates the soundness of spiritual coaching which brings about a conscious constructiveness to those who practiced these principles in all their affairs throughout the ages.

This book will serve as a guide for you to discover secrets- those of great men who walked this earth before you. It serves as a guide to a better way of life for the willing.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-6452645-2-4  /  eBook ISBN 978-0-642645-3-1


by Doug McPhillips

“I WAS BORN IN 1944. A momentous event happened that yearD Day, which precipitated the end of war in Europe and the subsequent defeat of Japan in 1945. It also heralded the onset of the Atomic Age after the decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I knew nothing of this at the time.I was to busy sucking on a surrogate mother’s boobs. I have been doing that for most of my life.”

This is a memoir of a bush boy’s recall of his life. It speaks to the plurality of all of us, the “We”,through the eyes of the individual, the “Me”. Its a rollicking tale of childhood of adventure raiding bird’s nests, dodging bullets & snakes, circus acts, rugby league matches & boxing tent exhibitions shaped by a regimented Christian education and mentored by a classic Australian bushman grandfather. It traverses the halcyon days of the 1950’s when life was simple, mischief built character and even the dark side of life was, if not condoned, at least tolerated.

The autobiography takes the reader through events that lead to Doug’s getting of wisdom through work and play in the 60s & 70s, a period when jobs were plentiful and sex, drugs and rock n roll were the norm, at least for some. The journey tells how a young man found through travel and adventure, a way of life that proved, after much experience of heartfelt sorrow not to be his true calling. The getting of wisdom came at a price-it always does, and he sums it all up in this novel of the merit of it all. For the curious of mind, it is a worthwhile read for insight into a way of life once well lived but long since passed into the annals of time.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-6452645-0-0  /  eBook ISBN 978-0-6452645-1-7

Revised Edition (2022) – ONE WORLD ORDER – TOWARDS 2030

By Doug McPhillips

Read this book and your world will never again seem the same to you. It is possibly the most controversial story of insight for our times.

I, Prophet: A vision for future generations follows the theme of living by the natural law of the Golden Rule verses mans’ folly in pursuit of worldly values.

The thread running through the pages of this book tracks the secret ways of a One World Order from the time of Napoleons’ rise to power to a modern day One World Government vision.

The book suggests ways to survive a future Armageddon with tell tale signs that beset the world and its pending woes.

A must read for those who are seeking answers to our current dilemma of living in the now.

Paperback ISBN 978-164764268-6 /  eBook ISBN 978-164516119-6

New edition:

Santiago Traveller: My Pilgrimage to a Hidden Treasure.

By Doug McPhillips

This is a story of physical endurance, spiritual aspiration, historic myth and startling truth that beams a guiding light to the struggles of modern man. It is the story of myth, legend and folklore that the writer encounters as he walks his third Camino de Santiago, looking back on his first and second pilgrimages.

The Way of pilgrimage uncovers outward signs and symbols that lead through the myth of the finite world to an infinite spiritual completeness. The lessons herein set a template for living that to a great degree is lacking in our modern hedonistic lifestyle.The story uncovers myths of the Camino, lessons of romantic lust, false belief in medical treatment for mental abnormalities and unreal desire to fulfill symbolic needs that can only be satisfied through the language of the heart.

Whilst tramping his happy path of destiny, the writer happens upon critical evidence that helps solve a present day murder and is enlightened to re-discover the third secret of Fatima, which proves to be a catalyst to saving the world from a 21st Century Armageddon.

This book is a must read for anyone seeking a vision for the future, inward spiritual guidance and healing. It is also an engaging read for “Atlas eaters” wishing to learn more about the Camino Way.


By Doug McPhillips

This little book is an insight into an awakening from tragedy to a new dawning of creativity and souls searching. It involves the feeling that the pathway to freedom comes at a price of suffering, a journey of insight and ultimately enlightenment which often takes a toll on body, mind and spirit before the sacredness is complete.

The story is divided into three parts of The dark night of the soul, The Camino of songs and Enlightenment, with a brief introduction to the understanding of each. The story is told mainly in poetic form.

Paperback ISBN 978-1647-86775-1 / eBook ISBN 978-1647-86594-8

THE SWORD OF DISCERNMENT-Volume 11-The new revised version with an additional chapter.

By Doug McPhillips

The work is both fact and fiction of myth and legends, symbols and signs Doug encounters on a spiritual awakening as he comes to terms with his inner demons, creative imagination and search for an outward symbol of his inner decision to live by an ancient rite, a sword of discernment.

It is also a realistic insight into the Camino Way and trudging this happy path of destiny.

See Synopsis on the About Us page.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-646-93186-9  /  eBook ISBN 978-781639-0299-9

From Darkness to Light

By Doug McPhillips

This book of myth, songs and poetry was inspired by Doug as he tramped his Camino Way from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago,Spain.

Paperback ISBN 9-780646-027282

Camino Guide Book and Journal

St. Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago.

By Doug McPhillips

The French Way, Napoleon route is the most famous and historic route of the Camino de Santiago.

This guide book contains a brief history of The Way, a section by section guide of the 800 km journey,tips for walkers, what to pack and accommodation contacts, topographic maps and a host of other features linked to my website via your iPhone! It includes simple languages references in English, French and Spanish too. This guide book include blank pages for daily journal or drawing.

5 books + 1 CD for $40 plus delivery anywhere within Australia!

Books included:

    –    Sword of Discernment

    –    Santiago Traveller

    –    I Prophet

    –    Awake to My gutted dream

    –    We is me Upside Down

CD included:

–    The Camino Way

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