Portland Victoria to Penola, South Australia.

The first of the Australian Camino experiences was inspired  by three workmates in April 2013 when they  set out on a pilgrimage they called the ‘Aussie Camino.’ On the way they discussed  the history, customs and traditions of the ancient pilgrim trails in Europe and the Holy lands centered on the spiritual path of Saints. It was concluded  the initial  Camino should be in honor of  St. Mary MacKillop, Australia’s only canonized Saint, who traveled widely in Australia and New Zealand in her spiritual quest for the needy. As Mary was reportedly born in Penola, South Australia and finished her last teaching post in Portland Victoria, that route is is  followed as ‘The Way’ for soul searching, letting go tragic circumstance or travelers  keen to experience the great Australian outdoors.  Based on the traditions of the Camino de Santiago,  pilgrims receive  a guidebook, passport, scallop shell and stay in local towns along the way.Those who are hardy and  use  to doing international pilgrimages may choose  to  organizing their own group. As a relatively new walk that has less support, please contact me by email : pilgrim@caminoway.com.au if you need assistants to plan your trip or if wish to join a group. 

Every point of the compass in Australia heralds the opportunity for pilgrimage. These walks vary from a one day trek weeks on end. The most useful tool to determine the type of walk you desire to experience is the All Trails APP for your mobile phone or iPad. The App features direction  guide. navigate and the choice of sharing the chosen walk with like minded travelers. It features a description of the walk, length  and elevation,  route type, degree of difficulty and interesting features along the way. It also gives a weather guide, UV index and temperature indicator with photos uploaded by past trampers of the trail. The AllTrails App is a must for walking on the wild side in Australia.

In New South Wales State, seasoned walkers who like to trek on long distance trails with a greater degree of difficulty than most in Australia typically take on Great Northern Walk of 100Km from  Sydney to Newcastle for an Australian National Parks hike. Whilst others  tramp the wilds of The New England Ranges, the Mid North Coast and Central Coast. It is advisable  to  join  a local  walking group rather than venture out into the wilderness  in the bush in Australia. Here you may wish to revert back to my Tips for Walkers page on this website and check out the What to Pack page also. A more expansive detail of walking groups in each   of the Australia States is worthy of checking out on Google. The most notable and worthy of mention adventure trails in Victorian are the  5 day walking trails of  The Mornington Peninsula and The Great Ocean Walk.  In the wild of Western Australia  another Camino trail exists. It the Camino Salvado Pilgrimage Trail-  9 days of  hiking thought  wildflower countryAgain  a search on Google or reference to our email  may be a consideration.  Tasmania likewise has some fabulous walks including the Freycinet Experiencethe Cascades Track, the Julius River Rainforest walk or the famous Cradel Mountain- Lake walk. 

In New Zealand there are a lifetime of tramping trails to experience. Most require a great deal of planning a they are backpacker dream journey but require the tramper to carry and cook their own food. It is advisable  to contact the (NZ) Department of Conservation – https:// www.doc.govt. nz/ parks- and-recreation/things-to-do /walking-and- tramping/ great walks/ to ensure your park entry and hut accommodation  available. You will also be helped by the Park Rangers with detailed maps and guided information that is provided.

Should you wish to seek our services  for an Itinerary or  quote for Australian  or New Zealand packed tramps please contact via the email herein.