Questionnaire for your trekking adventure.

“I have had extensive adventure experiences in all types of countrysides and weather conditions hiking across New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Oceania. I’ve climbed high mountain peaks to valley floors, forded rivers and streams,  crossed the desert plains, camped out in tents, in limited facility huts and under the stars. I have learnt as much by first-hand experience hiking as to study what is needed for any type of hiking undertaken irrespective of the season or topography of the landscape. So do not fear in my request for you to complete this questionnaire, it is more to help you best select what you need for your particular adventure. I will respond to all requests to help you in your pilgrimage, long tramping or campout. All information you supply is used only to respond to your needs.”

My adventures teach me to let go of past misfortune, focus at the moment on the path I walk  and be guided by the power that is within me to accept what is and  not what well maybe.”

Doug McPhillips 

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