Vintage Floral Design Round Glass Wall Clock


40cm Vintage Floral Design Round Glass Wall Clock


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40cm Vintage Floral Design Round Glass Wall Clock


Nothing says vintage country style more than this 40cm Rustic Floral Round Glass Wall Clock By AMS, designed to make a statement in the Australian country style home. It’s brilliant vintage colour scheme could easily become the feature piece of any kitchen, living or dining room wall in the country cottage home.

Measuring 40cm in diameter, this beautiful clock features a picture of a hand painted floral arrangement depicted in a natural weathered colour scheme, with black spade hands pointing towards large calligraphy style black numerals. Perhaps the most fascinating feature is the body of this clock with a cheerful weathered vintage colour scheme, creating a truly incredible piece of art as well as a functional clock, that has true rustic country appeal.

This beautifully designed clock by AMS is aesthetically pleasing and represents an accurate timepiece, suitable for those looking for a wall clock that is artistic and rustic in appearance, is reliable at keeping time. The clock is driven by a high quality battery operated quartz movement.

Designed in Germany

AMS are a German family run business who specialise in elegant and modern clocks.

AMS wall clocks are reliable, aesthetically pleasing and are made from the finest high-quality materials.

When you buy an AMS clock you are buying a guaranteed top quality timepiece that is sure to last a lifetime.

What is a Quartz Wall Clock?
A quartz wall clock maintains accuracy through the regular vibrations of a quartz crystal. They are highly accurate and come in a range of shapes, sizes and varieties to suit almost any space.

This AMS Modern Wall Clock houses a high quality battery operated quartz movement which is considered very accurate and reliable.